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We are committed to helping our affiliates and Channel Partners maximize their ecommerce offerings.

We aim at becoming a trusted name in the Indian Ecommerce IT industry by focusing on constant innovation, which helps our channel partners achieve their success goals.

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Whatwe’re offering


We not only help you design and set up an ecommerce website but we also go an extra mile to connect you with the best and relevant Logistics, Communication, Payment and other service providers to enable you to run your business smoothly in an automated manner.
Order Fulfillment Automation

Ease Of Execution
  • 1. Logistics, Communication & Payment
    We connect you to the right logistics, communication (sms & email) and payment gateway service partners to enrich the buying experience and to automate the order fulfillment process.
  • 2. Policies & Launch Strategies
    Along with setting up the website we assist to structure the buying policies and also advise the correct pre-launch and post-launch strategy for every project irrespective of the industry.
  • 3. Additional Service Providers
    Our ecosystem is designed in such a way that connecting with other trusted service providers like warehousing, graphic designers, packaging, etc. for your clients becomes a breeze.


Even though we are loved by many,
confidentiality is strictly maintained
We are very satisfied with the success and happiness we add to the lives of our affiliates and channel partners.

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frequentlyasked questions

  • 1.What are the different projects you have worked with?
    During our alpha stage, while we were testing our products with sellers in the retail industry. We worked on different projects within industries like Apparel, Food & Beverage, Gold Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, Numerology, Healthcare, Wellness and many more.
  • 2.Will Storzb provide me with graphics and content for my projects?
    No, Storzb does not provide the graphics and content however, we can connect you to various graphic designers or content writers associated with us. Arranging these services for your client will strengthen your bond with them for a long term relationship.
  • 3.Does Storzb also sell directly to retailers or business owners?
    No, we do not deal with retailers or business owners or end customers directly since 1st April 2021. Our primary focus has been shifted to distribute Storzb products and services through our affiliates & channel partners.
  • 4.How is storzb different from shopify, woo-commerce, etc.?
    We follow an anti-DIY approach, which is the method of building, modifying, or repairing things with direct aid of experts or professionals and not doing it on your own. On DIY platforms like shopify, woo-commerce, etc., anyone or everyone can make an ecommerce website but after a certain point they do require a techy. We currently have 3 different mainstream product offerings with each of them having 6 different versions which can support different business models within many industries.
  • 5.In case, my client requires support with regards to the ecommerce application can Storzb assist them on my behalf?
    One of our main USPs is to provide you with a flexible resource. We will assist our affiliates & channel partners as well as represent their brand in case any of their clients require critical support only during the onboarding process. We are your team, which is not on YOUR PAYROLL. After the store has been launched we are always there for support in case of any criticality and handhold our affiliates & channel partners but the end support with the business owner would have to be handled by you.
  • 6.Has Storzb published their prices anywhere?
    No, we do not publish our prices anywhere. We only share our prices with our registered affiliates & channel partners after doing a thorough background check.
  • 7.Does Storzb provide a White label Ecommerce Solution?
    Yes! At Storzb we provide our affiliates & channel partners with a white label ecommerce solutions for all our applications.
  • 8.How many Logistics service providers are integrated on Storzb’s platforms?
    We have 19+ logistics service providers already integrated within our platform. We have a reach of more than 35000 pin codes across India. These include next day delivery and same day delivery partners which operate within inter-state, intra-state, within city as well hyperlocal areas.
  • 9.Can I use my own domain name for a project?
    Yes, you can definitely use an existing or new domain that you want. We do not provide a domain for your project, but you can get a domain at an affordable price from here. We only provide hosting for your projects.
  • 10.How can I keep a track on the progress of a project?
    You will be assigned a central dashboard for all your projects. We have a platform wherein you will be able to check the status of each of your projects. This dashboard will help you keep track of all the procedures and processes that are pending for an ecommerce store to launch.
  • 11.Can I get another Logistic or SMS or Payment gateway service provider integrated on my client’s store other than those associated with Storzb?
    Yes, we would love to integrate them as long as they are in the organized sector. This is because we have certain automation requirements that they need to be compliant with so that our web application can directly talk to their servers and execute critical processes.
  • 12.Will I get a demo kit to show my clients?
    Yes, we provide Demo kits to all our channel partners. The front-end demo kit will be available for all our products but the backend demo kit for different products will be provided based on the channel partner plans. However, Affiliates do not get a demo kit, however, we will be glad to be a part of the initial sales meetings to present the ecommerce platform technicality.
  • 13.How long will it take to completely launch an ecommerce project?
    Our best record time taken to launch has been 16 working days for a complex calculation based ecommerce store of a diamond jeweler. However, the duration to set up the project completely and launch it depends on meeting certain compliance norms. Getting the right information as and when required and receiving a clearance from the parties, also affects the timeline.
  • 14.What are the steps involved in project onboarding?
    Our project onboarding can be broadly classified into 4 steps or processes. First is to Assemble, where we get your domain and ssl, get you connected with logistics, sms, email service providers. Next, we collect information from you regarding the website content as well as theme selection. We then conduct a dry-run while setting up payment gateway, strategy, optimizations and auto-responders. Finally, once everything is alright and confirmed, the Go Live button will be activated by you.
  • 15.How do you provide support?
    We provide support via priority-based trouble-tickets, 1-to-1 chat, email, WhatsApp and Phone Support. We also provide our channel partners with dedicated relationship managers who will support them throughout.
  • 16.Can Storzb cater to a brand which has more than 1 store in multiple locations each managed separately by different owners as in the case of franchise?
    Yes, Estore Franchise will be a best suited option for this type of a business model. It will have product catalogues maintained by the brand centrally but invoices will be generated in the name of different store owners. This product comprises 2 dashboards one for the brand owner and the other for the store owners that will be managed separately.
  • 17.Which product will be best suited for a store that does not have inhouse warehousing but picks up the products and dispatches them from different locations?
    Estore Multivendor will be the best option for this type of a business model. It will have a product catalogue and price maintained by the store owner, also, the invoice will be generated in the name of the store owner.
  • 18.Do I need to be a designer or a developer to be a Storzb channel partner?
    No, it is not necessary to have any technical knowledge. We can execute the project for you and we will also set it up as per your client’s requirements.

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