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Digital Mist was born out of a need to transform from the existing traditional marketing practices into vibrant digital marketing strategies that enable you to easily process and deduce insights from your data, create customer engaging experiences and convince them to utilize your products and services.

Digital marketing services help businesses to market their products digitally that allow them to reach out to customers that are beyond their existing network. We provide custom online marketing campaigns that are tailored to perfectly fit your company’s unique needs and goals.

Through planned campaigns and strategic optimization, you can tap into new highly targeted audiences and reach out to people who are specifically searching for your services right now.

At storzb, we invent new ways for you to reach, connect and build relationships with your clients and make sure that you always stay ahead of the digital curve.


Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO services help you get to the top of the search engines and stay there!We provide website audit, advanced keyword analysis and mapping, link building strategies, competition assessment and monthly reports among many others.

Pay Per Click Advertising

One of the quickest ways to draw more potential customers to your website is through PPC advertisements. At storzb, we offer a variety of PPC campaign ideas and optimization solutions to convert website visitors into potential customers.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics helps you to make informed marketing decisions based on comprehensive data and insights from your website’s traffic. Our Web Analytics services will help you to not only scout and gain competitive advantage in the marketplace but also reduce the cost of customer service and manage customer expectations.

App Store Optimization

Digital Mist comes pre-loaded with App store and Play Store optimization recommendations. If your brand has an App, we will make it rank higher on App store and Play store so that your potential customers see your App and download it before they see your competitors.


Digital Mist provides you with best-in-class online marketing services that will not online boost your online brand visibility but also give you access to prospective customers from around the world.

Complete Transparency

Everything that goes on your website goes through multiple rounds of approval to ensure high quality and complete compatibility with the brand’s messaging tone.

Regular Maintenance and Support

We focus on maintenance services of your web properties regularly so that you can focus on enhancing your business.

Tailored plans

We develop our digital services such that they are centeredaround your business goals and suit your marketing requirements.

Monthly reports

Out monthlyreports help you track your online campaigns and give key information on their performances.


Digital Mist follows an industry-leading process to help your brand gain tremendous visibility on the internet. Our process has been trusted by some of the country’s biggest retail brands to grow their presence online.

Digital Mist - Easy to get started, Four Step Process


Understanding your objectives from digital

Through multiple requirement-gathering sessions, our experts will understand your business objectives from the digital medium. This will help us design custom campaigns that best help you capitalize on your brand’s strengths and get ahead of your competition


Campaign planning, execution and tracking

Once we have a thorough understanding of your online objectives, we design campaigns and plan the timeline for execution. Post your feedback and approval, we execute the campaigns and constantly monitor and tweak them to maximize reach and engagement. We also setup comprehensive tracking mechanisms using cutting edge tracking tools that provide invaluable campaign data that helps us optimize the campaigns on-the-go


Campaign optimization based on analytics data

With the help of the available data from analytic tools, we optimize various campaign parameters to derive maximum reach and engagement from your target customers.


Reporting and planning ahead

At the end of every month, we provide you with extensive executive reports highlighting various campaign KPIs and other useful data-points to help you create offline marketing initiatives that align with the online marketing campaigns