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Social Mist was born out of a need to strategically place your brand’s message across every available social media platform while maintaining consistency and gaining massive exposure from prospective customers active on these platforms

Social media marketing is all about targeting the right audience. By creating custom campaigns targeting specific groups of individuals who are most likely to buy your products, we help you optimize your ad budget so that you receive more bang for your buck. In short, you pay less and gain a lot more.

By posting content that instantly draws attention to itself, we will help you generate greater brand engagement from your customers leading to higher brand recall. This means, whenever your customers think about the products you offer, they will think about your brand before any of your competitors.

Social Mist employs proven social media strategies that align with current best practices to place your brand right where millions of your customers are present.


Regular Content Dissemination

Attention span and recall value are two important criteria in determining your success on social platforms. With engaging content and regular posts on all leading social platforms, we ensure that your brand excels in both of these.

Customized Campaigns

Every brand is different, and what works for someone else may not work for you. We understand your objectives and tailor our social media campaigns to help you gain maximum reach,impact and traction

Complete Transparency and Collaboration

We consider ourselves as extension of your marketing team and work closely with you to achieve what we consider as a common goal – grow your brand online.

Tracking and Reporting

Our comprehensive data-driven reports made available by cutting-edge tracking mechanisms give you deep insights into the behavior of your online consumers, thus helping you in customizing your marketing strategies to best meet your goals.


Social Mist comes packed with a whole lot of additional features that complement your social media strategy. Moreover, you get an exclusive access to a comprehensive network of bloggers and influencers and with it a chance to reach out to more than a million customers active online, every day.

Access to Influencer network

Through their vast network of followers, influencers help you get your brand to millions of potential customers.

Optimized advertising

Algorithms that optimize your ad campaigns on social platforms help you derivehigh ROI

Collaboration with bloggers

Bloggers from every domain help you promote your brand through impressive content.


Our proven social media marketing process has helped some of nation’s leading retail brands expand into previously untapped consumer territories and contributed in making these brands at par with global retail players. Our periodic insights with the assistance of structured and segmented data help you understand your customers’ behavior and improve your targeting on-the-go

Social Mist - Easy to get started, Five Step Process


Understanding your brand

We understand your brand’s messaging through consultation sessions and help you draw clear objectives to be achieved through the online medium


Designing a custom campaign

We design custom campaigns that best help you meet your online objectives.


Engaging content

Content is the key in the online space and we aim at getting maximum engagement from your target audience.


Monitoring your online presence and progress

We monitor and optimize the campaigns to help you maximize ROI


Analytics & reporting

With monthly Analytics reporting of KPIs, we will help you derive invaluable insights from data and optimize your marketing strategies.